Smile like a Tunisian

It is no secret that Tunisia is a dear country/city to me, it has a wonderful nature, exceptionally nice people, superb spirit and a long history of intellectual culture, and of course its people are always smiling :). But that is not the reason why I’m writing this week’s tip.

You see, since 2007, while I work across the Middle East and Africa, my travel schedule is usually very filled, and traveling across east and west is not exactly a bus trip, so you can imagine hours of travel with all the complexity of getting visas on short notice and even the absence of daily flights depending on the country boarding from and many more…

However, in about 20 countries I covered, there’s always something that has been a bit different about Tunisia; No matter how things went wrongtires-300x200, they eventually work out at the last minute. I can name many MANY examples, of when I thought I will miss speaking at events because flights were delayed, or that there was a 90% chance that I WON’T be able to get Visa on time or simply because a combination of all of the above made me feel like pushing my luck to the extreme to succeed.

You would really laugh when you read the details of most of my travel plans, how I needed to speak in 3 countries in 4 days, while there’s like only one chance for me to make it on time and it would be if I take one exact flight and I could make it to the airport on time with no traffic and there was no delays at customs and no delays on the flights and and and… so Chances of Success was like 1 in 75… And it was a huge risk… But yet things ALWAYS worked out… Only in that specific country…

So then I learned this wonderful trick to make me overcome the complexity of everything… SMILING… Yes I used to Smile :), and know that despite all the VIVID complexities and risks, things will work out. I was smiling like a Tunisian. 

And I still remember talking with a friend/colleague there (Selma) who was normally panicking x 100 because she’s the one organizing a training or workshop where I need to speak in…

“Don’t Worry Selma, Things will work out, they always do… It’s Tunisia, and GOD Loves Tunisia…”

Now in our life, there are so much complexities that arise while we are trying to accomplish something, and most would seem like very tiny details that could mess up everything, remember to keep your spirit high, and to smile, cause then the universe will smile back at you, and things will just work out. Smile like those wonderful people! Remember: Keep your Spirit High, Look up to the Skies and Smile like a Tunisian.

Have a great week!


Samer Chidiac

Samer Chidiac is a Sr. Strategist, Author & an International Innovation Expert.

The Monday Tip Weekly blog is part of the “Influencing the Life of Others” project


Until you know the rule, follow the crowd

One thing about routine is that you have a very good chance of excelling, when you know you can pause and reflect and then enhance your current way and eventually become better and better. Whether you have a desk job, or you simply go to the GYM to exercise; Routine Habits is a great way to become “better” at where you are.

As defined in the Cambridge Dictionaries Online: “Routine” is

    • a usual or fixed way of doing things:There’s no set/fixed routine at work – every day is different.He checks under the car for bombs as a matter of routine.
  • a regular series of movements, jokes, or similar things used in a performance:an exercise/dance routine He went into his usual “I’m the head of the family” routine (= usual way of speaking).

Let us say that you started a new job and you really don’t know the rules, or you moved to a new country where everything is still new to you, How would you handle yourself? of course you will eventually need to learn more about how things are done from some source, nevertheless you can be un-productive and “on-hold” until you do… or you need to start acting until you figure something out.

Everyday, on my way to my office, mostly taking the same route, once I’m on the highway, the speed limit is 100 KM/h with a buffer of 20 KM/h => meaning that you are allowed to speed up to 120 KM/h on that highway and beyond that  limit, you would get a speeding ticket.

At some points, as I’m moving at the speed of 120 KM/h, I find that most cars around me (doing the same) feel like they are NOT-MOVING, since all of us are moving at the same speed, so things shows as if we are all stable while we are all moving at a high speed; So as a general rule for me, whenever I’m taking a road that I am not aware of its current speed limit, I just mimic the speed of “most” of other cars… Until I see a speed limit sign :).

So this week’s tip, is about understanding the patterns around you, until you figure out how things are done on your own, and creating your own pattern.

So how do you do that?

Look, Learn, Take notes and then Mimic.

At the beginning you may not fully understand why you are doing things in that way, but afterwards, you would, and only then you would start linking what you are doing to what you need to be doing… and Start Excelling in what you do. Use the power of the Crowd!

Have a nice Week!


Samer Chidiac

Samer Chidiac is a Sr. Strategist, Author & an International Innovation Expert.

The Monday Tip Weekly blog is part of the “Influencing the Life of Others” project