Celebrate your Success, Every time!

 The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.

~ Oprah Winfrey

On a Monday like this, one year ago. September 2013… This Blog Saw the Light!

They say that there’s nothing so powerful than an Idea who’s time has come, or as Jim Rohn re-quoted: There’s nothing so powerful as an Idea that comes at the right time!

At most times, you can be used to looking back at your life, at your career, at your projects, at your decisions, at your ONE activity or even at the last hour you spent and try to see what went wrong and how you can improve next time. But the question to you is the following, How many time you looked back to analyze what went right? what was the reason to your success… Even the Smallest progress you’ve made?

We’ve all have experienced success at one point in time… It could be the first time you walked, the first good grade, the winning of a great deal and so on… Once you’ve had that, your mouth will start tasting something you’ve never tasted before… It’s the taste of Success; and Once you’ve tasted that, there is no turning back, and you won’t be able to accept the mediocre taste of the average or the terrible taste of failure.

Now this week’s tip, is about Celebrating Your Success and Moving Forward!

You may think that “Celebration” is something reserved for BIG announcements, and you may be right, because the “size” or “weight” of an achievement is all in your head, you can see it as a “Big deal” or you can see it as a not worth it

The reality of this concept is simple, and it have been tough to us a long time by our parents; you see when you were a little baby, your first few “attempts” of talking carried a large and often high & joyful reaction and celebration from your parents, and the moment you said “ta ta.. da da” was the happiest moments of your parents’ life… so they celebrated YOU and with you… on your BIG achievement!! but let’s say we move forward to the 10 years old YOU who still is saying “ta ta.. da da” and can’t talk… 🙂 got the message!! 

No matter how small your achievement is, you need to celebrate it, even if it’s by your self, and even if it’s by rewarding your self with a piece of chocolate or soft drink… it’s important that you take that moment for yourself… and THEN MOVE ON.. and Raise your expectations… And then when you outperform your past achievement with a significant step, then it’s time for a new celebration!

When I started The Monday Tip, there were literally only 2 or 3 people reading it, and I kept on writing and publishing tips week after week, and was happy the day that I received even some attention, and fast forwarding to Today… I have more than 8,000 Reader. Now That’s something that needs celebration 🙂

In my own way of Saying Thank you. I’m giving away 520 Digital Copies of one of my Best Selling Books  The 10 Unbreakable Rules of Time Management

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Enjoy your Week & Thank you!


Samer Chidiac

Samer Chidiac is a Sr. Strategist, Author & an International Innovation Expert.

The Monday Tip Weekly blog is part of the “Influencing the Life of Others” project


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