Never lose track of yourself

One day you wake up, and look at the mirror and see a person you don’t know, a person that looks a lot like you, has your features, but strangely you don’t recognize that person. Because deep inside of yourself, you realize that this is not YOU… and if it was indeed you, you fail to acknowledge how did you end up here. When did you lose track?

I was having a coaching session with a fantastic individual recently, and she was describing how her life lead her to a crossroads, where either direction would lead to a path that she doesn’t fantasy; she stopped at that particular point and is thinking hard on that potential destination, and that difficult decision that would lead her nowhere. The most interesting part about that conversation is that she has been at that point in her life, by the time of our session for more than four years.   

You would be surprised to know that Ms. X was not the only individual facing such a situation and that our session brought several flashbacks from others who were at her exact place without notice, whether in a work/professional or personal context; You may call it “Stuck” or a “Dead end” or whatever synonym  that would resonate more to you, what I would like to share with you in this article, is my point of view on this.

What I told Ms. X, after a long and warm talk that transported her to a time where she felt the complete opposite and where destinations were clearer, and decisions were more natural:   

“You Have lost track but not of where you are going, but instead, you have lost track of yourself. You lost yourself somewhere, at some point in time. Now you are allowing someone else to take over your decisions, a different person that looks like you, sounds like you, but deep inside, that isn’t YOU.”

I wish I can tell you that there is an easy solution for anyone in this situation; there isn’t. But there is a clear answer to that question, and the answer is always YOU.

At some point in our life, the sum of all of our experiences shapes who we are and who we have become; in one of my research, I emphasized on the different points that shape our individualities which I call them S.P.I.C.E.D that stands for S: Story, P: Personality, I: Interests, C: Culture, E: Education and D for Diversity; so when you look at all of these elements combined, you would feel there is someone underneath all of that… and simply, that Someone is YOU!

If you have limited battery life on your phone and you are let’s say traveling with no access to a near charger for at least 3 hours, your decisions on how you would use your phone will become more strategic; Pretty much when you realize the value of your time, your actions and decisions will start making more sense, and you won’t be able to understand and appreciate the value of your time if you can’t value your Self.

Our Tip for this week is never losing track of who you are because when you do, an alternative ego or a ghost-version of you will take over and will start taking control of everything.

And just like the Phone Battery, realize that you have a finite time and energy, so make sure you appreciate that as a gift.

Have a wonderful week,


Samer Chidiac is a Strategic Innovation Advisor, a Business Psychologist, a Philanthropist, an Author and a Speaker. 

You can check his Books on Amazon & Sellfy, Follow him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and check his Website for More.


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