Get rid of the things holding you down!

Have you ever woke up one day with that strange feeling that you don’t want to get out of bed? That going to work feels like going to a slaughter house and you’re the cow? have you ever felt that even on your vacation days, you don’t feel like having fun? How many times have this occurred to you? if more than once in the past month… Then you must be Burned Out!

In so many occasions, we don’t feel the weight that we are carrying, because it’s been there too long that we no longer feel that it’s a parasite that is feeding on us, but more regular and natural that we don’t notice it anymore.

You can’t fix something that you don’t know about, and you can’t solve a problem when you can’t acknowledge that there is one in the first place. In one of my talks, I specified problems in 2 categories:

  • Real Problems: which are related to the health & well-being of your self and your loved ones.
  • The Other Types of Problems: Everything else…

However once you go beyond the above 2 categories, most people actually have dozens and even tons of problems that they categorize into so many sub ones… from financials, to social to personal and the list goes on.

While you are reading this, I will ask you a question, and I would like you to think about it very thoroughly for few minutes:

Think of the biggest heavy issue that you are having right now That is – and I insist – not related to the health and well being of your self and your loved ones… Think Loudly in your mind, describe it and scream at it if you should...

Now, since this problem is pissing you off, and making you sleepless at night… What would it take you to to solve it? a Miracle?

Put a small Pause on that thought and keep reading.

I once asked a group of individuals in a workshop I was conducting few years back, about some of the toughest problems they are facing in their lives/work etc… and then stimulated their minds by the following statements:

  • If you had 100$ would that help you to solve your issue?
  • If you had 10,000$ would that help you to solve your issue?
  • If you had 1,000,000$ would that help you to solve your issue?
  • If you have 150,000,000$ would that help you to solve your issue?

I guess you are seeing where I am going there. And the answers varied from “Probably” to “Hell YEAH”!!

So, that extremely difficult problem, started becoming easier and easier, when you started seeing possibilities to solving it.

Which lead me to this week’s Tip: Get Rid of the things holding you down!

In a lot of times, we get burned out, because of the weight of the problems and issues that we have, and mostly because of the “in-existing” solutions based on our current reality.

We can’t solve any issue by just complaining about it, and we REALLY can’t solve any issue when we are carrying the load of all of our life and making it the central component that will make us happy and fulfilled.

If you look back at the problem that you thought of in the beginning of this article, and tried to visualize the indirect things that are holding you down, and put them aside for a moment, and just write down your issue and what type of a “Miracle” you need to solve it, and use the exact line of thoughts, like money, support from others, etc… And then go back and try to split them into micro-steps… Just like brushing your teeth, it’s just a task that you do, but when you think about it as solving an greater issue of your health and life instead, you would take more easy.

Whatever type of your problems and issues that you are having now (that is not health and well-being related), try to approach it differently and isolate it from being the central part of your life, and then take micro-steps towards it, and with time, it will stop being that monstrances.

And the Heavy weight, holding you back, that you have in your life, is very similar to the photo I chose for this article, Think of yourself holding that much weight, and you need to even brush your teeth… it’s an Incredibly Complicated task isn’t it?

Have a wonderful week,

Samer Chidiac is a Strategic Innovation Advisor, a Business Psychologist, a Philanthropist, an Author and a Speaker. 

You can check his Books on Amazon & Sellfy, Follow him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and check his Website for More.


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