It could happen to you too

Opinions are a matter of personal tastes; You can always have an opinion about whatever you want. You can talk about the universe, the earth, about relationships, business and you can also think about whatever you want and express your opinion in so many ways, but actually understanding and changing an opinion takes more than just courage, it takes a deeper and more progressive way of thinking.

A lot of people among a research that I’ve done for the past 12 years (and still ongoing) on how people innovate and change. It can be as simple as the following: You are not satisfied with the current situation you seek change.

You try to analyze the current status quo and you don’t like things the way they are; You may want them to be better, faster, different. A lot of skills are very important in the coming era such as complex problem solving and more. However, it goes back fundamentally to small things: How you can change your opinion about a simple fact; You could be having an opinion about a specific type of food or drink being good or bad, healthy or not, and that is the simplest; You can eat whatever you want, just like everybody else who have specific preferences around food.

But the issue about opinions, is what could contribute to changing your mind about someone, something or an activity.

This week’s tip is another followup on a previous post about how to see things from other person’s perspective.

Let’s try to visualize the following situation as if you are in the middle of a scenario where a specific situation could have happened to you (Just because if you put a scenario in your head doesn’t mean that it will happen to you or it may happen to you but it’s a thought provoking exercise):

You start by imagining this specific scenario in your head, where you are in the position of the person who’s doing something that you don’t necessarily like. What would happen if you’ve been in the same situation as that person? He or she could be from another religion, another faith and/or maybe with different political affiliation and so on.

If you look at what he or she is doing from your own perspective, very likely you’re not going to change but when you switch to their perspective, and their way of thinking, you might think that “yes – if I were in their place, maybe I would’ve done/thought the same.”

If you were born with a particular family within a particular social structure etc, more likely you would like what they are doing and would be convinced about that, you (may) would be convinced that this is the right way of doing specific things, and so on. Right?

For example: Let’s say you are in born in China, there are a lot of food in that part of the world that other countries don’t necessarily eat (Roasted Insects? snakes… etc), however you may wonder why wouldn’t the rest of the world be eating these and instead they would prefer to starve or eat a different type of food. You can see that Your Normal now is different that your Normal if you were born and lived in the Middle East.

When I looked at researches related to Alternative source of food, despite that I don’t necessarily like it, I found that insects are a great source of protein and it could solve a great deal of food problems in the future, however would you still do it? now if you had no other choice? can you see the different perspective now.

It could happen to you to just try to look for another perspective, try to change your opinion, train yourself to change your opinion if there is a strong evidence at least, if not and you cannot change that, train your mind to respect the others’ opinion.

Because if you were in their place, you may very likely would have done very close, or similar to what they have done, or thought.

Have a nice week.

Samer Chidiac is a Strategic Innovation Advisor, a Business Psychologist, a Philanthropist, an Author and a Speaker. 

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The Eyes of Others

Whenever I used to coach on public speaking and advise on subjects related to communications especially in conjunction with leadership and personal leadership in particular,  there was one point that I kept emphasizing more and more: It’s to the way you talk, and the words that you use to talk to the person.

No matter how much you think you and another person or a group of individuals have in common and are coming from the same – almost exact – background, ( or whatever you want to call it), it’s very and highly unlikely that everything that you would say would match the other person’s perception and every subject that you would talk about from social behaviors to religion would actually risk ending up being interpreted in a negative way by the other party.

So let’s start with the following, I want you to picture yourself in this situation: You are at an art gallery and looking at one particular piece of art and then another person happen to be sitting or standing at the art gallery and starring at the same piece. So obviously, you must share the interest of art right?

You looked at that painting, pause and say to yourself maybe horrible critics… Maybe because you didn’t understand it, as it didn’t make sense to you, as if the artist literally just took a piece of paint and scrambled around that white canvas, And then put a $20,000 as price tag for the result.

So you look at that painting, and you say out loud:

This is ugly, this painting is ugly, it’s worthless…

And then you the other person who was standing next to you, listening and checking, they might have found your comment and opinion, rather insulting to the artist and to the maybe to the entire art community.

Because what you’re saying was a statement that suggests that if another person doesn’t necessarily agree with it, you are putting yourself at a higher level where everyone who disagree with you BENEATH.

So this small comment of yours, your small opinion (of yours) turns into a debate where the other person is actually in a position to say, No, you’re wrong, this is very valuable, and so on. And he/she starts taking the defensive mode because they posses a sense that is a different opinion than yours.

Now, my comment and advice to the leader or the person I’m coaching would be the following:

When you pick your words, try to if you want to say a negative thing about that, or what is try to link it to yourself, instead of “This is an ugly painting,” Switch it to “I don’t like this type of painting” and instead of saying, This is too expensive, switch it to I wouldn’t pay such a price for such a piece.

Now, the difference between the both statements is that when you say I don’t like it, you’re not suggesting that the other person who may actually like it as well ” you have a lower taste than me” or that you’re suggesting that he should agree as well or else.

All what you’re saying is that you didn’t liked it. So if the person liked it, he’s not in a combat with you; If you say: “I wouldn’t pay that much for it”. You may have a million other reasons than the reason of this is not worth that much, so the other person, don’t feel he’s offended.

This week’s tip is about seeing things from the other perspective in words,

Try  when you want to compliment the person to talk about them to when you want to not complement and do the opposite Talk about you.

It’s  a very helpful thing if you want to say something negative, that if you went into, per example, a party and you didn’t like the food, and you have to give your opinion, just say: I wasn’t feeling well today.

In contrast, For example, if you want to compliment the person who invited you, you can look straight in the eye and Say:

“Joanna, YOU are magnificent host, THANK YOU!”

And there you go, the magic of words…

Have a beautiful week.

Samer Chidiac is a Strategic Innovation Advisor, a Business Psychologist, a Philanthropist, an Author and a Speaker. 

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Before asking questions, learn how to interpret the answers

We’ve all heard the sentence that you need to ask the right questions in order to get better answers; While it is valid and true in most situations, it could be useless if you were – per example – not being able to interpret the answer one it was given to you :).

On one of my trips to Minsk – Belarus, I needed to perform a relatively simple task that every tourist would’ve done, which was taking the metro; My Russian language was more elementary, meaning that I could construct sentences and have some “decent tourist vocabulary” and could also understand the meaning of a whole conversation all together; the thing is I needed to ask for basic instructions like where to buy tickets and which way to go to Station X from where I stand.

The Funny thing, is that I knew the questions to ask, what I failed to do, was to interpret the different answers I received :), you see you need to be precise on the instruction so you don’t end up somewhere else don’t you?

In our life, we keep looking for answers, some could be philosophical like the purpose of our life or what the future could hold for us, and some could be very simple, like what should you wear on a specific occasion, and while some answers are more simple and further obvious than others,  the way you would seek the answers could differ dramatically… Mainly due to whom you are asking your question? are you asking yourself? are you asking someone else? are you asking The Divine? your guardian angels?

If you are asking a question to someone who only speaks Russian or Spanish, you will need to tailor your question to make sure they understand you, but most importantly, you will need to be prepared to interpret the answer that will follow; whether the answer you were looking for was literate or figurative or even simply silence. 

This Monday’s Tip, is about being prepared, so you don’t miss an opportunity, Communicate clearly on what you want, but most importantly, learn more about the answers you are looking for, so you don’t pass right next to them without noticing.

“Speed is irrelevant if you are going in the wrong direction.”  

~Mahatma Gandhi


Samer Chidiac

Samer Chidiac is a Sr. Strategist, Author & an International Innovation Expert.

The Monday Tip Weekly blog is part of the “Influencing the Life of Others” project

It’s nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice

The first impression people would notice about you, may not be long lasting, unless it’s a negative one; for some reason, creating a great first impression is an excellent push for your talk, work, personality and so on… But you will need to hold up to this impression. While normally a Negative first impression, will remain in your audience’s mind for a long time, (even when if you manage to change it afterwards).

But with the efforts you sometimes do to “leave an impression” and to “shine” in the eyes of your audience, some do not have to do that efforts, as they have already won their audience over (and over and over), they are the ones we call “Important”. So Celebrities, Major authors, Spotlight Actors, Singers… and many more, are already Important for their audience to notice. And normally outside of their spotlight, they can practically be anyone and do anything without paying too much attention to small details or even caring about what some people would say about them.

One of a life changing experiences for me happened during an encounter with a famous TV Celebrity many years back; this person I literally hated both his show and his style in presenting, Nevertheless I was Shocked by how “nice” he was in real life… SHOCKED… He was very decent, very respecting, modest and a true gentleman in his behavior and speech… I looked at my self in shame, as how I used to picture him, and how he really turned out to be… and all what needed for him to do to me, despite his 100s of times appearance on TV, face on the billboards and name everywhere in the media… was a simple act… he was Nice to me. And that’s all what it took to change my view on him… and NEVER PREJUDGE another human being ever again (VIP or Not).

You see in many occasions, we can act or even BE a celebrity or an Important person to someone, you may be that to the security guard of your building, to the office boy in your office, to just a random person seeing you appear in a conference or Taking a #SELFIE in a foreign place… So That’s NICE… Congrats you’re now IMPORTANT to someone… but it’s more important that you be nice to other people, when you can simply SMILE to the security guard and greet him when you walk inside the building, Say a Genuine Thank you to the person bringing the food to your table even if there’s no reason for you to do so… because believe it or not, those small details are the one that would make or break how LONG you can keep being Important.

It’s Nice to be Important… But it’s More important to be Nice!

Have a Nice Week!

Samer Chidiac

Samer Chidiac is a Sr. Strategist, Author & an International Innovation Expert.

The Monday Tip Weekly blog is part of the “Influencing the Life of Others” project

When in doubt… Improvise?

At times, you may face situations where you don’t know how to act, or react to a specific scenario, and even more awkward, you take a decision while you really don’t know why you just picked that specific one, or how to explain its reasons… All you know is that it’s simply the “right” decision and the “right” thing to do at that particular time / situation… You just have a Feeling! 

Over many years of psychology and studies on how the brain works and how we behave the way we do, several and several theories have been formed, but mostly all of them were in favor of this one “Our Brain is Fascinating!” , now although I would love to talk and talk about my researches on that topic, This week’s post is only a Tip 🙂

When you speak with experienced managers about their judgments on some specific business scenarios, they will often tell you that they have built a TRUST foundation with their intuition! when in doubt, they trust their intuition, because it somehow has the answers. And the same goes if you speak with an engineer, a computer programmer, a mother or virtually anyone who is aware of his or her intuition.

“I don’t know how to explain it to you… I just Know that it’s how we should response to this situation! Trust me on this…”  is a sentence that comes from a very well experienced leader…   You see your brain holds all of your memories, your experience and possibly everything that you’ve learned in your personal and professional life… And when you face a specific situation… Your Sub-conscience tries to communicate with you to tell you how to act… 🙂

So this week’s tip, is simple… Trust your Intuition… it’s the Inner YOU talking to back at you… a Big Cocktail of information, facts, emotions, books, articles, movies, songs, discussions, images, sounds… and many more all Blend together at the speed of 2,000,000 (yes 2 Million) thought per second, to help you out.

So when in Doubt… Improvise and trust the inner you!

Have a great week!

Samer Chidiac

Samer Chidiac is a Sr. Strategist, Author & an International Innovation Expert.

The Monday Tip Weekly blog is part of the “Influencing the Life of Others” project

5 PowerPoint tricks excellent speakers use flawlessly

Delivering an excellent presentation depends heavily on the speaker’ support materials, and how he/she uses them effectively. One of these tools (and probably one of the most famous ones) is Microsoft PowerPoint.

I have been doing presentations and public speaking for over 12 years now, and performed before thousands of people worldwide, and I can tell the tricks that would capture the attention of the audience, and in this week’s tip, here’s 5 simple tricks you can use to transform your presentation style with.

1. Automatically Play Videos: Multimedia Always do the Job and using Video / Audio within your presentation has an impressive effect on your audience and I’ve seen even “boring” speakers capture the attention of their audience when they play a video. Just use the following Trick for that: Make the Video Play Full Screen and “Play Automatically” rather than “On Click”. Choose High Definition videos and make sure your audio is well heard across the room

2. Use Presenter View: now although this may seem an obvious tip, but believe me when I tell you that most speakers don’t use Presenter View, and they just Duplicate their screen. Luckily with the Latest version of PowerPoint 2013, it is Set by Default to use Presenter View and for all the right reasons

PowerPoint-2013-Presenter-ViewYou see the new presenter view is an amazing work of ART for presenters… it’s so well designed with features that would make the presenter shine without having his audience know what’s happening.


Couple of my favorite features would be: Using the Zoom Tool to zoom on a specific section in the slide, using the Pen & Laser to literally write notes on your slide and See All Slides where you can actually navigate between slides in real time, without the audience seeing that happening. And when you are in a situation that you will need to SKIP some slides or refer back to a previous slide (Like the CEO Suddenly Decided to jump on stage and say a word)… you can do that Smoothly!


3. Use Video Backgrounds: a lot of speakers would be emphasizing on a specific idea by illustrating it with a Video and some would just say: “like what we’re going to see in the next video”… Here’s 2 mini-tips: 1) unless your audience are in kinder garden, don’t announce what you’re going to do 3 seconds later.. and 2) use Video backgrounds when possible; you can start playing a video while muting the audio to avoid distraction, and add items on top to highlight the points and make it start automatically while you keep on talking…

Video Background

4. Design LESS: they always say LESS is MORE… and in Presentations, try not to put all of your wordings into the slide and the READ your presentation to your audience, but use the Technique that all the legendary speakers (like the late Steve Jobs) use… Just 1 photo and 1 sentence can sometimes do the trick… Just make sure you photo fill a good portion of the screen and your 1 sentence is very visible (choose a nice font to go with it as well, rather than the default fonts)


For the above image, I used a combination of the same image 3 times, and applied a filter on each and let PowerPoint offer me Visual Aids 🙂

5. Embed background Sounds in your presentation when needed: sometimes your presentation is done in a modest environment with no support of audio/visual engineers and extra screens to display the text for you and all of the things that Executives have in their events… But that shouldn’t stop you from performing an emotional talk and engrave the echo on an idea in your audience’ heart. It is very simple with PowerPoint, just choose a good soundtrack and Insert it in your slide and use the Fading / cropping tool to match it to your tone, and the Volume shouldn’t be louder than your own voice. and Voila! 

Audio in PowerPoint

There you go!

Present like a Super Star and make a long lasting impression 🙂

See you Next week & Cheers,

Samer Chidiac

Samer Chidiac is a Sr. Strategist, Author & an International Innovation Expert.

The Monday Tip Weekly blog is part of the “Influencing the Life of Others” project

The Illusion of the First Time

I normally wrap up an intensive workshop on communication skills, with this tip “Create the illusion of the First time” and it’s one of the tricks that some of the best public speakers in the world use more regularly than people would notice.

Picture those 2 scenarios; The first time you watch a specific someone public speaking, and you were drawn by the depth of his words and how he was in touch with yours deep inside. He was very genuine and everything he was saying was just perfect… Now picture this, it happened that you bumped into that same amazing public speaker and it happened that he was speaking about the same topic.. But now what? he was repeating exactly what he was saying the first time you met him… and not only that.. he was even “Faking Genuine emotions”

Now if I asked you how would you feel about that, you may say things like “Disappointed”, “Angry”, “Feel like being Played”… The truth is that everything you see and witness for the FIRST TIME will cause you some sort of an excitement or Fascination. And that would apply to almost everything at the FIRST TIME 

In public speaking, it is always fascinating to watch a new enthusiastic and relatively young speaker (as long as he/she is good) talking about fresh ideas or even an experienced speaker talking about SOMETHING NEW than to see a relatively old speaker talking about the same thing they have been talking about for years.

So in brief, the First Time of everything, is always memorable, you ALMOST would never forget it… and When you cannot re-create a First-Time... you can “Create The Illusion of the First time”.

As I coach Salespersons on how to communicate with customers & potential clients, I insist on having them practice this week’s tip… and Create the Illusion of the first time… over and over and over… Just imagine the impact of the sentence “I Love you” coming from a man to his loved one or from a Woman to her loved one… when it’s said in a Genuine way… like it was never every been said to anyone before or that will never get the change to be said to anyone after… 

However, if you would hear something that was “exhausted” before and repeated over and over, it will lose its SCENT…

So Creating the Illusion of the First Time requires 2 steps:

  • Memorizing the core of the message you want to deliver
  • Cheating to convey that message

The first time I used that trick, I was suppose to deliver a speech on behalf of Microsoft in one of the awards ceremony. and I had a Long 2 pages speech carefully written by PR that included the main messages. But it was fully written in Arabic… and Arabic (while I speak it fluently) was not my strongest READING language. So instead of making a fool out of my self, I practiced a different speech over and over and over. and when it was my turn to speak I did exactly the following:

I Started reading from the paper, then I stopped, continued reading silently, and then looked at the audience in a Helpless look. Everyone was giving me their full attention, (since they were preparing to laugh at me 😉 ), so I placed down the paper and said to them, that I don’t really know how to read in Arabic, and I will “Just Say few words from the heart”… and placed the paper down, showing the small notes I’ve written and started a very powerful yet emotional speech about innovation and creativity and how Microsoft was supporting innovation in the Middle East etc etc…

I left a very long impression, and most were fascinated by the “genuine” speech I made… and kept reminding me of that evening for years later 🙂 .

Hope you can use this trick in a good way.


Samer Chidiac

Samer Chidiac is a Sr. Strategist, Author & an International Innovation Expert.

The Monday Tip Weekly blog is part of the “Influencing the Life of Others” project

Fake it ‘Til you Make it

“Don’t wait for the world to recognize your greatness, Live it and let the world catch up to you” ~Unknown

When you walk on the street, and see someone smiling and laughing, do you have doubts that they are happy? if you see someone with tears in their eyes, what would be your first impression?

We often perceive the inside of a person’s feelings from the simple projection that they have on their outside, and we do not only do that with others, we do that with ourselves too, Unconsciously. So the next time you put a smile on your face, your body will think you’re happy and spread those happiness hormones across and you will start feeling better.

One of the keys of being able to realize your dreams, is First when you can visualize yourself at the finish line, and second and foremost, ACT AS IF you’re already there; and that’s the essence of this week’s Tip.

If a friend of yours showed you his new wallet, and you thought it was of average quality, but then he would tell you that it’s a 1,000$ Gucci Wallet… Then instantly you would re-think its value and the wallet will look “different” to you now…

Now let me ask you this question, if you ever went to a store to buy cloth, whom you would like to buy from, that miserable salesperson or that joyful and great looking? Do you want to take advice about how to look Great from someone who doesn’t? will someone buy your products if you wouldn’t buy them??

Here’s 3 things you can start doing Today!

  1. Pay Attention to the Details: in your Day-to-Day, pay attention to how you look, sound and act with others… and it starts with the smallest things like the way you hand your business card to the way you answer your phone and how you would thank someone… PAY ATTENTION.. it’s Super Important!
  2. Imitate what is working: didn’t you find yourself one day sounding “interesting” before other people, just by memorizing and repeating some smart phrases you’ve read or heard earlier that day? so YES, you will be sophisticated and highly intellectual one day, and today you can start by borrowing from your idols.
  3. Be true to yourself: almost everyone is attracted to SELF-Confidence, and what is shown on the outside is always a reflection of how comfortable you are with your self…

“To be a great champion, you must believe you are the best. If you’re not, pretend you are.” ~Muhammad Ali

When you take care of your self, you dress up, you’re looking at your best, and talking like you’re worth 1 million dollars… Everyone will think you do… Including you.

Have a great week!

Samer Chidiac

Samer Chidiac is a Sr. Strategist, Author & an International Innovation Expert.

The Monday Tip Weekly blog is part of the “Influencing the Life of Others” project

You Are What you Think, Careful what you think of!

Some people have issues visualizing themselves being successful, they just like to watch successful people, envy them, but they can’t simply see themselves in their shoe. This has got to be one of the most important obstacles there is to becoming successful!

Doing some Reality Checks, and in particular when we start looking at what we say TO ourselves everyday, chances are high we will notice the huge amount of NEGATIVITY that flies all around our thoughts; a Big number of “I Don’t , I Can’t, I Shouldn’t, NO, Not, DON’T… ”

Just do this small experiment for me now, Open your inbox, pull of All the emails you’ve sent in 2013, and look up if you ever used “Remember to send me…” instead of “Don’t Forget to send me…” it’s this small change that you will do on purpose that will flood all of your life with Positive!

I was giving a Seminar on how to Set & Execute Goals the other day, and I gave an example, of the Walls that we put before ourselves; those same walls that prevent us from moving forward towards our goals… and the First Wall, is your own inventory of yourself! and the Very FIRST common Wall, is saying “I Don’t Have enough money” instead of saying “I Do Have Will Power”, is saying “I Don’t Have the right Tools” instead of saying “I Do Have good Health, and I Do have Faith in myself… I’m on my way 🙂 ”

Randy Pauch: What Time do you CLOSE?

Disneyland Representative: We’re OPEN until 8:00 PM

This week’s Tip, is simply about you changing your attitude about yourself starting by changing the vocabulary you use everyday.

  • Start Substituting: The I with the YOU or the We, the “Don’t Forget” by “Please Remember”, the “I Don’t have” with “I Do have “
  • Think Positively: You see positive thinking may not make the impossible possible and it’s a fact, but it surely helps you MORE than Negative thinking would.

Happy New Year!

Samer Chidiac

Samer Chidiac is a Sr. Strategist, Author & an International Innovation Expert.

The Monday Tip Weekly blog is part of the “Influencing the Life of Others” project

It’s not what you say… it’s what people hear

In my many years of public speaking, I’ve spoken before dozens, hundreds and even thousands of people… And believe me the biggest rule I learned… Was that it really didn’t matter what I was saying, but the most important was how people were digesting my speech.

On your way to becoming a public speaker, (even if you will only do that in one dinner and that’s it 🙂 ), you will face a time where you will be deceived by your own Ego… That day when you think that your joke was funny, your shower voice is amazing and your speech is brilliant… Just because your own ear liked it!

Well, reality is a bit different… Some of us do sound HORRIBLE… and could be bad in telling jokes and their way of telling their own story is painful to bare…

So the tip for this week, is to focus on how the others would receive you…

  1. Listen to your own voice: and I don’t mean in the Shower 🙂 … Just Record yourself talking and then replay it and listen to what you really sound like! (I’ve met so many who had no idea how did they sounded like in real life, that was priceless in the early days of Video Cameras.)
  2.  Try to get constructive feedback: some people speak fast, some are LOUD and some are low… and most of us, sometimes have a FAN word, (that you keep repeating it every 4-5 words)… Now chances are that you wouldn’t notice it on your own, so seek constructive feedback… and believe me, you need to ENCOURAGE people to give you feedback… and embrace the negative
  3. Master the 3Ps: Prepare what you want to say, Practice how you want to say it, and then Perform.

And finally remember this: Just because it makes sense to you, doesn’t mean that it does for the others.

Have a nice week!

Samer Chidiac

Samer Chidiac is a Sr. Strategist, Author & an International Innovation Expert.

The Monday Tip Weekly blog is part of the “Influencing the Life of Others” project

You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression or do you?

You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression… That’s True! 100% and in any situation 🙂

This post is divided into 2 points, The first impression and what I would call the second first impression

The First Impression: They say the first 30 seconds you meet someone are very crucial as that someone would have a long lasting impression that would affect the way they listen, hear, see and accept you afterwards… Are you the Gentleman, the Classy Lady, the Professional, the Amateur, the Charming and the list goes on and on…

it doesn’t really matter if you’re meeting someone socially, or in a business environment like a Job interview or a business venture meeting, the rule of First impression applies. And believe it or not, small and even tiny details about how you look, talk or act can play a major part in what the impression is measured against.

The Second First Impression: Now i’d like to hesitate a bit and highlight that an impression is not an impression until it’s OVER… Meaning that you may get a bad impression about someone / something only to be surprised a little later, or even a WHILE later…

Haven’t you watched a movie or read a story, where there is a lot of ambiguity about Why the character was acting that way, only to discover in the end that… WOW!!! and then you repeat back the details in your head and realize he was fascinating in every detail??

Once I was delivering a Keynote speech in a regional Education Forum with educators from all over the Middle East & Africa region present; I did disguised as an Old Fashion Teacher, and started talking slowly in a very low voice tune… the first 5 minutes of the Keynote, most of the people started getting annoyed from the “quality of the speaker”… then on the 6th Minute, when the sentence  on my presentation was “Rule #1: Do something unexpected”… I Literally Teared apart my cloth  only to have a very modern & stylish cloths underneath, removed the thick glasses and placed blue ones, and the session automatically FLIPPED and after 40 Minutes; Several would simply say that it was the Best session they have ever witnessed…

So the thing is / simply was… I PLANNED My first & second impression… it was Intentional to engineer the Bad Impression and then To Unveil the Second one… and Leave the audience in a Surprised mode…

My the Tip for this Week… is Simple… Every Single Detail in you… should be DESIGNED in advance based on the occasion, from the way you handle your business card, to the way you place your hand in your Pocket..

And like I’ve written in one of my Books,

“Enter Like a Bride and Exit like a Groom” 

People always look at the Bride when she enters… And the eyes will be on the Groom when they Leave!

Have a Beautiful Week!

Samer Chidiac

Samer Chidiac is a Sr. Strategist, Author & an International Innovation Expert.

The Monday Tip Weekly blog is part of the “Influencing the Life of Others” project