Achieving the Impossible?

Whenever we talk about productivity, there’s always this one thing that goes into mind, what is it good for? And don’t get me wrong. It’s not like the the song, “What is it good for, absolutely nothing”.

From the beginning, whenever you want to achieve something, there are multiple ways for you to achieve it. But first, you have to make sure that it is achievable. And there are a lot of categories of achievement of goals and more.

Let’s say in the beginning, when somebody wanted to achieve something that was considered impossible. Impossible, by definition, means that no one has ever done before. That’s impossible. Maybe they tried and it didn’t work out, maybe they didn’t think of that particular solution, I don’t know. But the fact that it is impossible, means that they have tried and it didn’t work out. So the first layer when a goal is impossible is why no one ever managed to do it.

And then you one person manages to break this record or create a new record;  Now, it’s no longer impossible! it just cascaded down to becoming a very, very difficult task. And then you hear that few more people manage to do so then it’s not impossible, but just extremely difficult. It has degraded to just very difficult. when more and more people are capable of doing it just becomes difficult. And after hundreds, and even thousands, millions of people are capable of doing it. It’s just no longer considered difficult.

“It always seems impossible until it is done.”

Nelson Mandela

The reason why you have to look at this from that perspective, is that when you put goals, you need to make sure that they are achievable by you. Are you capable of achieving them? Or are they realistic for you?

You see, if I asked, let’s say, the famous Bill Gates, can you make $1 million in one year? For him that can be very easy, since he built a multi-billion dollar fortune already. Or if I asked you, can you make $1 million in one year? For some This is like an unrealistic number for them to even imagine, right? let’s say a hundred thousand is a big number for you, then you will say it’s a stretch. So we are getting somewhere. So I put that $100,000 and I say, all right, I need you to do it in five years.

What, five years? Okay.

Yes? Can you do so which means you put it with for five years? And then you say this is $100,000? it’s specific, you know, where do you want to get it and it is kind of realistic for you.

Now, you just keep them say, Okay, if I didn’t achieve within five years, let’s divide those numbers over, let’s say, five. And you say, all right, every year, I need to achieve $20,000 and $20,000, you need to make it happen over 12 months, what should I make every month in order for me to reach there, and so on.

Now, reality that things doesn’t happen just as consistent or as equal, as I just described. This week’s tip is about just that if you have no goals you can achieve you cannot achieve what you cannot see.

Sometimes you have to put a draft plan that make sense and you need to adjust along the way you see if I want to make $100,000 after five years, maybe the first year I only made 5000, does that make me not realizing that it is I’m gonna reach those 100,000 more to it than that because I have reached if I reach zero in that first year, maybe then it’s tougher, but I have made something maybe I am in a phase where I need to spend more money even and then maybe the second year I’ve made instead of 10,000, I made 15 or 13,000 and I made more and then the year after I made you said more and the year after and so on. And maybe I don’t manage to get 100,000 but I got like 80,000, is that a bad thing you put 100,000?

People miss understand the power of getting closer to the goals; you see for me if I put a target of 100,000 which was for the huge then I managed to achieve 80% of it. I would be very proud but if I  can make $10,000 a year but let’s say I am capable because I’ve done it like 2, 3, 4 or five times before the achieve 100,000 in five years I still put that 100,000 per year and I get it or I don’t get it then I have a problem with putting your yo goal has to inspire you have to be bigger

Yes it has to be a Stretch, a Stretch to know how far you can go but at the same time have to be realistic. You might start with something and years later. Yeah, my finish with something completely different.

But if you don’t start with anything, just left it like that. More likely you’re not going to reach Where do you want to go and you’re not gonna know where you want to go. So you can’t reach there.

Have a nice week.


Samer Chidiac is a Strategic Innovation Advisor, a Business Psychologist, a Philanthropist, an Author and a Speaker. 

You can check his Books on Amazon & Sellfy, Follow him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and check his Website for More.


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