Become Friends with your Fear

This week’s tip is an extract from my Commencement Speech for the Class of 2020, you can read/listen to the full speech 👉 The Last Day of the Present.

“Fear kills more dreams than failure ever will. Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.” ~Suzy Kassem

Around 10 years ago (8 years at the time of the speech), I was having a chat with my sister, she was participating in a competition, and only days before her final presentation, she was considering giving up, she was afraid, and her way to represent her Fear was by considering it like a BRICK (Blata in Arabic) so a Brick on her chest that was not allowing her to move forward, so I asked her: how many times do I fly per month? She said: I don’t know, maybe 4-6 times. And I continued: And how long have I been in this lifestyle, she replied: like 6 years already. And Here I told her, do you know that despite the 100s of flights that I took, I have a Flying Phobia… Yes, I, Samer Chidiac, have an Avio Phobia, the Fear of Flying… every time, and when the days get closer to my flying time, I used to get so tense that when I woke up before my flight, my heart would be beating fast and I used to hold my knees together close to my chest and move back and forth, until I calm down and get wear my suit, take my back and just go…

Make no mistake, I wasn’t afraid of the Plane crashing, but in fact, I was afraid of what the entire meaning of the flight was for me; just like those who fear public speaking, they aren’t really afraid of someone from the audience coming up and hurting them, but it is what public speaking carried for the person, and for me, Flying was boarding on a Journey to the Unknown…

And tonight [originally to the class of 2020] is the beginning of your special journey to a whole new world, and I know that some of you… are afraid.

So, my secret is not actually that I had the Fear of Flying but it’s How I dealt with it, I not only made peace with my fear, in fact, I became friends with my fear, and friends don’t hurt each other, they can be annoying sometimes, but a true friend wouldn’t hurt you.

It’s ok to be afraid sometimes, sometimes fear can push you to do things you wouldn’t have done if you were not afraid; Just remember that Fear may slow you down, but it won’t hurt you.

Become friends with your Fear.

Have a wonderful week!



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