At this particular moment, there’s only one thing you can do

Sometimes the deepest sentences in life, are the simplest with a pure and very basic meaning… We watch movies, read stories and live experiences, to finally express one word… such as Love, Fun, Pain, Loss… etc

We LEARN… Yes we learn the meanings of an already known word to us, we re-discover it throughout many sophistication, we feel that if we learn it the hard way, we will keep what learned. Well we may be right! but not so quite…

You see, when an information, a relationship, a deal, a prize or virtually anything, comes easy we tend to underestimate its value, or even take it for granted… Unlike when we have to work really hard for it… If you received an advice from a friend for free… you might not take it as serious as if it would’ve come to you from a professional consultant that charged you 1,000$ to give you the exact piece of advice.

This week’s tip, explores a basic and fundamental principle… What we call: The Moment…

“What day is it?”
It’s today,” squeaked Piglet.
My favorite day,” said Pooh.”
A.A. Milne

As a senior strategist, with a strong force of habit, I can’t help but living far away in the future while living my present day… Whether I was writing a plan, evaluating and studying a business case and so on… Unfortunately I discovered that by sometimes living in the future, you lose sight of the present, but most importantly, you lose both… Cause the picture of that beautiful scene, no matter how clear and vivid it is, is only a representation of how you felt when you were there… and if you can’t remember how the air was twinkling on your cheeks while you took a long look at the beautiful mountains, the picture won’t deliver that feeling to you…

Therefor,in everyday, you should look out and enjoy the moment, cause sometimes you may be lucky to see a rainbow and sometimes you may just see a sunshine, and sometimes you don’t … Just remember this, every moment is the best moment you will ever have, so take advantage of it TODAY, NOW and LIVE it to the fullest… As it were your last… cause it is YOUR Last… And the next moment, is simply… Different.

Enjoy your Week!


Samer Chidiac

Samer Chidiac is a Sr. Strategist, Author & an International Innovation Expert.

The Monday Tip Weekly blog is part of the “Influencing the Life of Others” project


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