Be Thankful for those who matter in your life

At some point in your life, you would wake up to hear that a dear person to you have passed away; It’s one of the most devastating times in your life to bear, to know that this particular person will no longer be physically there anymore.

Knowing that nothing can prepare you for such a moment, a harder time might lie ahead, which is living with Regret; Regret of not being able to spend enough time with them or regret of maybe not being able to sort out some differences that didn’t really matter… and so on.

 Family is not an important thing. It’s everything. 

Michael J. Fox

This week’s tip is about being Thankful for those who matter in your life.

The Feeling of being thankful, is that deep warmth that calms you when you are down, that gentle smile that breaks the walls of anxiety and that knowledge that life is still easier with those loved ones in your life. 

Being thankful everyday, creates a wonderful feeling that would allow you to feel indestructible. And would bring so much joy to you, whenever you express it, it could be a simple text message that you would send to your loved one, or the gift of time of you spending it with them.

Be Thankful for those who matter in your life… Every day!

Have a Thankful Week!


Samer Chidiac is a Strategic Innovation Advisor, a Business Psychologist, a Philanthropist, an Author and a Speaker. 

You can check his Books on Amazon & Sellfy, Follow him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and check his Website for More.


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