Be different and spread your wings

When you hear some motivational quotes and speeches, you find a lot of references to the idea of “Wings and flying” suggesting that birds in general are the most motivated and successful creatures… Really???

I was reading the other day on why some birds “sunbath” with their wings wide open and here’s what the article included:

The birds invariably adopt a posture in which the body feathers are fluffed up and one or both wings are held out from the body, with feathers spread. It is thought that using the sun in this way does two things. It both helps the preen oil to spread across the feathers and drives parasites out from within the plumage. Some of these parasites feed on the feathers themselves and all are highly specialized, with many only found on a single species of bird.

So in short, birds use sunbathing with open wings as part of their routine feather maintenance.

Faith is the bird that feels the light when the dawn is still dark.

Rabindranath Tagore

If we are to look on the behavior of humans, and combine the two analogies of spreading your wings as a mean to refer to success, and also to maintain your feathers, we can come to a nice conclusion which is our tip for this week:

Maintain your success by spreading your wings, and just be different than others, like the birds sit on the floor with their wings open to sunbath, you can make your success speak loud and clear without saying a word.

They say that you are as free as your options, so if you have more options, then you have more freedom than when you have less, and if you have some skill that is different than others, that gives you an additional option, and instead of just trying to ignore that and fitting in… Try to Embrace that and nourish your difference and just like a Bird SHOWCASE IT and maintain in, and eventually, you will do like the bird does… Fly away from whoever tries to criticize you.

Have a beautiful week,


Samer Chidiac is a Strategic Innovation Advisor, a Business Psychologist, a Philanthropist, an Author and a Speaker. 

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