Believe in the Law of Averages

If you look up the Law of Averages on Wikipedia, you’ll come up with the following definition:

 ” The law of averages is a layman’s term used to express a belief that outcomes of a random event will “even out” within a small sample.

As invoked in everyday life, the “law” usually reflects bad statistics or wishful thinking rather than any mathematical principle. While there is a real theorem that a random variable will reflect its underlying probability over a very large sample, the law of averages typically assumes that unnatural short-term “balance” must occur.Typical applications of the law also generally assume no bias in the underlying probability distribution, which is frequently at odds with the empirical evidence. “

 This week’s tip is inspired by successful sales persons and one of their secrets.

According to Jim Rohn, the Law of Averages says that if you do something often enough a ratio will begin to appear.  If you talk to 10 people per example and 1 says yes, a ratio will begin to appear; you are at 1:10.  You’ll notice that once it starts, it tends to continue.  If you talk to 10 you’ll get 1.  Talk to 10 more, get 1 and so on. And in Digital Marketing, this is often referred to as a Conversion Rate and of course the higher that CR is the more successful your ad is performing or so.

So the key from these sales people is that you will need to keep moving and keep talking to more people, keep meeting, calling and exploring opportunities to increase your chances and to increase your ratio. And this way Mathematically, you can increase your chances of Winning more deals.

And further to that, we need to start enhancing this Ratio… to Make it 2:10 , 3:10 …

Even a broken clock is right twice a day. ~Stephen Hunt, The Court of the Air

The other benefit of believing in the law of averages, teaches us to ACCEPT that bad things would happen that we cannot control even if we were very well prepared and have everything in order. Like the Story of the Sower and the reaper

In short: You’ll face many struggles along the way if you are seeking success and happiness. If you are the sower, your seeds will get picked up by the birds first and won’t give a return. Then they will fall on shallow ground, leaving you with nothing again. Then they will fall on thorny ground and the sun will shine so hot that your small plant will die after the first day. No return either.

Then, one day, the seeds will fall on good ground and finally give you the expected return and success.

So instead of worrying on the opportunities that fled you, just keep moving and you’ll get the next one and the next one… And remember, Success usually Comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it!

Enjoy your Week!


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Samer Chidiac

Samer Chidiac is a Sr. Strategist, Author & an International Innovation Expert.

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